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May 2005

Leader's Insight: Ministry on Steroids
Would God approve what pumps up my pastoral performance?
Leader's Insight: Where Have All the Magi Gone?
A screening test for choosing wise leaders.
Diverse Forms of Diversity
Churches often have "diversity" as a core value. But there's more than one kind.
Right Tool for the Right Job
Volunteers come to us with a desire to know and be known by the people they work alongside.
Tackling the Ministry Monsters
All children's ministries have three common elements. The first is easy—kids. The second is also obvious—Jesus. The third element we share? Volunteers.
Play Ball!
Baseball is America's favorite summer pastime, and my household is no exception. With it, I've discovered, comes plenty of running.
Luminosity and Miss McCall
Some memories from my childhood still shine today, for good reason.
Everyday boldness
The Cynic Within