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Staff Meetings in Large Congregations

How to conduct staff meetings in churches of 500–2,000 people.

 We've always known a lot about small congregations. We also know that mid-size congregations are stressed by trying to do more with fewer resources. And there's growing literature about megachurches. But we need to learn much more about large congregations—"corporate-size" churches, with worship attendances of 500-2,000 people.

According to Gary McIntosh, author of One Size Doesn't Fit All: Bringing Out the Best in Any Size Church (Fleming H Revell, 1999), large congregations are more driven by vision, are more organizational than relational, have pastors that function as leaders more than as "lovers" (administrators), and have decisions made more by staff and leaders than by committees. All of this suggests that staff meetings are of increased importance in the large congregation because that is where much of the vision alignment and organizational strategy take place. On that point, here are observations from Alban's work with large congregations.

In general, staff meetings have ...

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