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I Actually Like Elders Meetings!

One question changed my tune and taught me to move in step with them.

Tuesday morning and I feel great. Why? We had an elders meeting last night! These days, I look forward to our meetings. We get things done, tackle tough issues, laugh, and afterward, "shoot the breeze." I appreciate our elders, and depend on them.

But I admit, I haven't always felt like that. Not until one night when I asked a question and really stopped to listen.

Dancing with a stubbed toe

It was our first meeting in a new term, with our newly elected elders joining us around the table.

"So," I asked, "what are your feelings coming into this term of service?"

There was a long pause. And then, slowly, carefully, they began to speak.

It had been a simple question, but their responses revealed significant pain just below the surface.

One man told a story from his previous term. He had been doing his best work for the church, trying to do a good and helpful thing, when a few church members snarled at him. This man is quiet and godly, and an experienced elder. He is no wimp. But he ended his story ...

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