Balancing Church, Family and Career

Lay leaders explain how they maintain that essential but elusive equilibrium.
I never cease to be amazed at the incredible paradox of seeing many unhappy people in a world that has so much to offer surprises me even more is the sight of so many Christians who have succumbed to busyness, unhappiness, tightness, and boredom. Many suffer from a nagging sense of guilt that no matter how much they do it is never quite enough.
Words like wonder, joy, rest, and freedom have become fake replicas of what Christ taught. Time becomes a tyrant instead of a friend . Joy becomes something we will do later. Play becomes something for children. … Wonder is just the name of a bread, and imagination doesn't make enough money to be worthwhile.
Tim Hansel in When I Relax, I Feel God

With those words, Tim Hansel captures the tension felt by many of us who love the church and wish to serve faithfully, but who must balance church responsibilities with our responsibities to family and career. Maintaining the balance is a constant struggle. One active church member in two-career three-child ...

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