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December 2008

Our Top 10 Resources for 2008
See the most popular resources on BCL from this past year.
Book Corner: Revisiting The Shack
A theologian takes on a runaway best-seller.
Merry Christmas, Urbanites.
from Url Scaramanga and the Urthlings.
A Better Fit
One size doesn't fit all or even most—or me.
Welcome or Warning?
Your church facility is sending a message—here's a way to decipher what it's saying.
Rick Warren at Obama's Inaugural
A good move or political pandering?
How to Hold Volunteers Accountable
How to Hold Volunteers Accountable
Should we just be grateful for whatever they do?
Urban Exile: Will Compassion Survive This Season?
This Christmas the failing economy will test our commitment to serve the poor.
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