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October 2008

Being a Safe Person
There is no doubt—we live in troubled times. It may feel hard to concentrate on your spiritual life when you face financial challenges, when the world seems to be in turmoil.
What We Evangelicals Do Well
Temper fashionable cynicism by focusing on our strengths.
Nancy Ortberg: Creating a Crisis
How to make your teaching connect with listeners.
The Cult of Mac
Neuroscience shows Apple's impact on the brain is the same as religion.
Two of Me
For God's people, the opposite of simplicity is not complexity. It's duplicity.
Ur 2.0: Introducing Url & The Urthlings
A slate of new voices for the journey ahead.
Review: The Blue Parakeet, Part 2
Scot McKnight offers great insights into reading the Bible
Understanding BCL Downloads
A short description of your favorite BCL products.
Review: The Blue Parakeet, Part 1
Scot McKnight rethinks how we read the Bible
Audio Ur: David Swanson on Urban Ministry
A pastor reflects on the challenges of a new ministry context.
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