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Need Volunteers? We're Waiting for You

Research shows that a large number of decisions to follow Christ happen by age 13. So what happens to youth in the church from that point on? This column, the second of two from student writers, shows how their hearts build up with passion. As you read, consider yourself challenged to take a simple and obvious step toward directing that passion in a way you'll appreciate. In fact, consider the advice that follows as a gift. Merry Christmas!
(David Staal, Senior Editor)


Not exactly the group of people that comes to mind when thinking of who's willing to give up free time to serve others.

Let's change that thinking. Only, though, if you need volunteers. Disclaimer: If you're in ministry and don't need volunteers, don't bother reading this column. But if you do …

We'll start with what we know. The stereotypical teen would rather update their Facebook status or text friends than getting their hands dirty volunteering. Being a teen myself, I can honestly (but not proudly) admit ...

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