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January 2009

BlogSpotting: Internet Monk Predicts Evangelical Collapse!
Causes said to include culture clashes and generational shift.
Three Dramas that Drive Us
Church leaders are focused on best practices and missional theory, but what really matters is often overlooked.
Audio Ur: Jon Trott on Community and Ministry
How can communal living enhance ministry?
Out of Context: Eugene Peterson
Theology in community.
Drugs, Jail, and Regeneration
The story of an ex-con blessed by post-prison ministry.
Quiet Reflections
Moments with Jesus
Learning to experience God one-on-one.
The Gluttony of Time
Busyness is evidence of unhealthy appetites.
Fair Pay
A step-by-step plan for implementing an effective compensation plan.
J.I. Packer on Restricting Communion
The theologian gives his take on the Lord's Table and discipline.