May 2009

Hitting a Baseball and the Other "Hardest" ThingsSubscriber Access Only
Ministry has its own list
Pastor Tells Seekers How to Pick a ChurchSubscriber Access Only
What are the best criteria?
The Publisher Parries Subscriber Access Only
Patriot's Bible editor Richard Lee responds to Greg Boyd
What Do Young Adults Think of Church?Subscriber Access Only
A survey by the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada.
Are You Prepared to Dismiss Someone?
A checklist to use before you let someone go.
Book Review: The Patriot's Bible (part 2)Subscriber Access Only
Does the Patriot's Bible glorify nationalistic violence?
Before You Cut Staff
Eight tips to save money before turning to pink slips
Book Corner: Planting for the FutureSubscriber Access Only
A case for the importance of church plants.
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