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How to Grow Deeper Disciples

What the Reveal study tells us about ministry.

A lot of conversations and misunderstandings have arisen as a result of the Reveal study done by Willow Creek. Because the study can be so helpful I thought I would set the record straight.

No, Willow is not abandoning its long standing concern for the seeker. No, Willow has not been a failure. No, Willow is not changing course and recreating itself. No, Willow is not suggesting that churches drop all their programs. No, Willow is not going to stop measuring how many people show up. So what is Reveal about?

Reveal is a survey to uncover the depth of spiritual growth in a congregation and what triggers that growth. The study defines spiritual growth as "an increasing love for God and for other people." So far the survey has been taken in more than 200 churches and with more than 100,000 people, making it a reliable study.

Willow has discovered what most of us have known for some time—participation in church activities does not make spiritual giants. So Willow is going to also start measuring ...

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