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How Not to Talk about Justice

If you hear "social justice" at your church, Glenn Beck says "Run!" There is another option.

Back in January I wrote a post on "The Battle Lines Over Justice." As more evangelicals are rediscovering the sections of the Bible that highlight God's compassion for the broken and abused in this world, there is a fearful response by some that we will slide down the "slippery slope" of liberalism into a social gospel and evangelicals (particularly the younger breed) will abandon the cross of Christ. To prevent this repeat of history, some have their ear to the rail prepared to warn the faithful at the first hints of a justice train coming down the line.

I concluded that earlier post with this caution:

Is the stage being set for another church rift in the 21st century paralleling what happen 100 years ago? Are you feeling the tremors in your church of a conflict over the scope of the gospel and the proper role of social justice? And where are you turning for informed theological reflection on this subject? How we address this controversy, and not simply which side we land on, may impact ...
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