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March 2010

Don't Forget to Grieve
Why every worship service shouldn't be a "celebration."
3 Surprises About Churches Borrowing Money
Some results from a survey of pastors.
10 Ways to Inspire Generosity
Foster giving in your church.
How Do We Hire?
What happens when we let gifts and relationships define our organizational structures?
State of the Plate Results
Collections decrease for many, especially in December, new survey shows.
Narrative or Doctrine- What Should You Teach?
Walter Wangerin on the art of storytelling and why doctrine still matters.
Ur Video: Why Church?
Do you share the sense that something isn't right with the church? Where are you taking your questions?
The Best Lesson on Forgiveness
Children develop the ability to authentically apologize when they know how it feels to receive an apology.
Why I Don't Tweet...
... not that there's anything wrong with it.
The 3 P's of Satisfaction
Cover these levels when leading a church through controversy or change.
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