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10 Ways to Inspire Generosity

Foster giving in your church.

In our national www.STATEofthePLATE.info survey research among churches, we discovered that giving is declining in 37% of the churches and is flat-lined in another 24%. In this new economic climate, here are 10 ways that pastors and church leaders can inspire generosity and increase giving so their church can focus on thriving instead of just surviving.

1. Intentionally focus on stewardship as a matter of Christian discipleship. If we do not teach our people that Christ is Lord of all, is He really someone's Lord at all? While Christians cannot serve God and money, they must be taught to serve God with their money. Don't preach and teach on finances and giving for institutional survival; aim for transformed lives. No one is born generous. Generosity is something that must be taught and caught. I don't believe the heresy that God wants everyone to be rich, but I do believe that God wants everyone to learn to become more generous with whatever God has given them.

2. Inspire people's generosity ...

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