September 2010

Are You a Curious Church Leader?Subscriber Access Only
When we are genuinely curious about people, we will have a different relationship with them.
More Evidence of Religious and Biblical Illiteracy Subscriber Access Only
New survey finds atheists know more about religion and the Bible than evangelicals.
Furtick Uses 24-Hour Sermon to "Pimp" BookSubscriber Access Only
When did ministry simply become a tool for marketing?
Saying 'No' in order to say 'Yes'Subscriber Access Only
When you say no to things that are not priorities, you can create space in your life to say yes to the things that matter.
Augustine on Celebrity ConversionsSubscriber Access Only
Is there such a thing as a "big win" for God?
Do You Evaluate Worship?Subscriber Access Only
Your best planning tool is an honest look at last Sunday.
Ending Age-Segmented WorshipSubscriber Access Only
Is age-segmentation the same as racial segregation?
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