Do You Evaluate Worship?

Your best planning tool is an honest look at last Sunday.

This week's resource, Excellent Worship with a Volunteer Team, is designed to help your church develop a capable worship team. The following excerpt is included as part of the download, which offers helpful guidance on setting standards of excellence for everyone involved in preparing and performing your church's worship.

"Do your pastor and arts team meet weekly to evaluate your services?" It's a question I've asked in leadership gatherings all over the world, and every time, I'm disappointed by how few hands go up in response.

Some leaders wonder if evaluation is biblical. Others default to the lack-of-time excuse: Sundays come so regularly we must move on to the next. And then there's defensiveness: Most of us don't know how to give or receive constructive criticism without sinning! It's much safer to put last Sunday behind us and brainstorm for the next.

Here's a bold challenge: begin engaging in a weekly process of evaluating Sunday services. Here's what you'll gain:

1. Reason to celebrate. ...

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