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Ur Video: Why Did Francis Chan Leave?

Driscoll says Chan is "coo-coo for Coco Puffs" for leaving his church. Is he right?

Earlier this year we ran an interview with Francis Chan in Leadership journal about the significant shifts he's led at his church in Simi Valley, California. Just as that issue of LJ when to print word leaked that Chan had resigned from his role as senior pastor. Usually news of a sudden resignation is quickly followed by rumors of a scandal. Not so with Chan. But that left everyone wondering–why did he leave?

This video features Joshua Harris, Mark Driscoll, and Francis Chan. In it Driscoll (true to his reputation) asks what many have been thinking but unwilling to say. He wants to know why Chan decided to leave a thriving church.

What do you think of Chan's response? Would have left if you were in his shoes?

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