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Truth Professed, or Believed?

The difference is seen in the way we live.
Truth Professed, or Believed?

Why are Christians so often so mean to each other?

I think it is because we do not care enough about truth.

I think its because we do not get clear about what we believe.

I think our thinking gets fuzzy, often enabled by the kind of subculture we have created, and fuzzy thinking goes largely unnoticed. I think we need some truth champions.

For instance, here's a clear statement from the Bible: "Love must be sincere." Or it could be translated, "Love must be without hypocrisy."

How serious do you think Paul was about that one? Think it's true? Must love be without hypocrisy?

Is your church a place where people love each other without hypocrisy? Is it even seriously attempted? Do you hold one another to it? If you work on staff at a church, do you spend as much time asking if you are loving without hypocrisy as you do planning services or evaluating programs?

Or here's another one: "Be devoted to one another in brotherly love."

Tertullian famously claimed ...

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