May 2011

Book Review: "Clouds of Witnesses"Subscriber Access Only
Biographies of Asian and African Christians give valuable perspective.
What Role Should Lay Leaders Play in Church Finances?Subscriber Access Only
Prepare lay leaders to engage in this essential issue.
The Post-American Church (Part Uno)
The Post-American Church (Part Uno)Subscriber Access Only
"Third culture" leaders are the future of the church.
Ur Video: The End of the World!!!!!!!Subscriber Access Only
Why fear is never as appealing as hope.
All Ministry Is LocalSubscriber Access Only
Why ministry models are not universally applicable.
Leadership for the Long-TermSubscriber Access Only
A Christian leader's proper long-range view must extend all the way into eternity.
In what ways can church staff members support each other's ministries?Subscriber Access Only
Gary Fenton responds in our Ask the Experts discussion.
The Spiritual Practice of TrustSubscriber Access Only
Trust is a spiritual practice that transforms us, that helps us obey the command against worrying.
The Red Bull GospelSubscriber Access Only
Are youth groups helping or hurting the faith of young adults?
Ur Video: Dallas Willard on GraceSubscriber Access Only
Grace is opposed to earning, not effort.
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