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September 2011

Praying For The Weekend: Mindy Caliguire
Silent prayer seeks a communion that is beyond words.
Marketing the Church
Does your church advertise to let people know who you are? How do you decide what to say?
Should Pastors Marry Cohabitating Couples?
New survey finds most pastors will. Is that right?
Bad Business, Bad Witness
How you run the business of church speaks loudly to your community.
Surviving and Winning
My recent "cancer lap" reinforced my desire to cherish each moment and live fully for kingdom purposes.
Skye Jethani: Recipe for Church-365 (Part 2)
Reaffirming a theology of vocation and cultural flourishing in the church.
Praying For The Weekend: David Platt
What is the link between Christ's mission and prayer?
Shane Claiborne: Death Interrupted
What does the Gospel say to us amid the death penalty debate?
How Do You Exit a Church Gracefully?
Leaving is a process, not a point in time.
Keep the Bar High and the Begging Low
You are not doing anyone a favor by expecting too little from your volunteers.
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