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December 2012

The Phil Vischer Podcast: Ep 30- Atheist Tracks, Sexy Christian Shirts, & Naughty vs. Nice
Have we lost all sense of "sin" in our culture and in the church?
They Think We're a Hate Group, & They Might Be Right
The "Christian leaders" in the media don't speak for me.
The Phil Vischer Podcast: Ep 31- Thoughts on Connecticut
Evil is real. The world is broken. That's why we need to recapture the truth of Christmas.
The Phil Vischer Podcast: Ep 29- Pink Legos, Santa, & Defining Consumerism
These are the high holy days of consumerism, but what do we mean by that term?
Becoming a Just Church
Understand and engage the church's call to pursue justice.
Anatomy of a Church Split
Heeding the early signs of conflict can save churches untold heartache.
A Circle of Honor
By regularly giving people praise and recognition, we reflect Christ's ministry and the relationship of the Trinity.
The Phil Vischer Podcast: Ep 28- Slam Session
The Easter Bunny, Christian values, and Pat Robertson.
Tilling the Soil
If we embrace the difficulties of work as God's calling, we will produce a good harvest.
Going To Hell with Ted Haggard
Going To Hell with Ted Haggard
What I learned about grace and redemption through my friendship with a Christian pariah.
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