March 2012

Ur Video: Skye Jethani on the Mass Exit From ChurchSubscriber Access Only
Retaining young adults begins with getting the gospel right.
Christianism Leads to AtheismSubscriber Access Only
Want to reach the next generation? You can't ignore the role of politics.
Ur Video: Use a Cell, Go to HellSubscriber Access Only
Finally a solution to distracting mobile devices in worship.
Risky Business (Part 2)Subscriber Access Only
Pastors should be more focused on observing the culture than engaging it.
Where Would Jesus Hang Out?Subscriber Access Only
Using a coffee shop as a remote office or meeting room is, I believe, a great strategy for leaders.
A Plea for Pray-ersSubscriber Access Only
There's something lacking in our public petitions to God.
Risky Business (Part 1)Subscriber Access Only
A business expert warns pastors not to emulate marketplace principles.
Parents: Stop Praying for Your KidsSubscriber Access Only
Before passing along this advice to parents in your ministry, please read this article.
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