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August 2013

Do Christians Take Church Membership Seriously?
Do Christians Take Church Membership Seriously?
Thom Rainer doesn't think so.
50 Years Ago: "I Have a Dream."
Half a century after the March on Washington, we remember.
Don't Laugh; Your Church Might Be Miley Cyrus.
She's nothing if not pragmatic. And so are we.
Wednesday Link List: Hating Esau, Social Media Sins, and More
Click while the clickin's good.
The Phil Vischer Podcast: Ep 66- Parenting, Fear, & the "Hook-Up" Culture Debunked?
New research says young people aren't sleeping around more than their parents did.
Serving from the Spotlight
Servant leadership doesn't mean just setting up the chairs.
A Moment to Think About Me
Reflecting on the way to church.
Friday Five Interview: Mark DeMoss
Are Christians contributing to a more civil public square? One Christian leader says no.
Sabbath and Soul Junk
Reflections on a pastor's day off.
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