August 2013

Do Christians Take Church Membership Seriously?
Do Christians Take Church Membership Seriously?
Thom Rainer doesn't think so.
50 Years Ago: "I Have a Dream."Subscriber Access Only
Half a century after the March on Washington, we remember.
Don't Laugh; Your Church Might Be Miley Cyrus. Subscriber Access Only
She's nothing if not pragmatic. And so are we.
Wednesday Link List: Hating Esau, Social Media Sins, and MoreSubscriber Access Only
Click while the clickin's good.
The Phil Vischer Podcast: Ep 66- Parenting, Fear, & the "Hook-Up" Culture Debunked?Subscriber Access Only
New research says young people aren't sleeping around more than their parents did.
Serving from the SpotlightSubscriber Access Only
Servant leadership doesn't mean just setting up the chairs.
A Moment to Think About MeSubscriber Access Only
Reflecting on the way to church.
Friday Five Interview: Mark DeMossSubscriber Access Only
Are Christians contributing to a more civil public square? One Christian leader says no.
Sabbath and Soul JunkSubscriber Access Only
Reflections on a pastor's day off.
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