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Giglio & the Weakness of the Evangelical Brand

Why are Catholics welcomed & Evangelicals pushed from the public square?

Two weeks ago Louie Giglio was invited to pray at President Obama's second inauguration. The inaugural committee praised his efforts to end modern slavery and human trafficking. The day after the announcement, however, ThinkProgress discovered a sermon Giglio preached in the 1990s in which he identified homosexual activity as "sin in the eyes of God." (The full sermon can he heardhere.) Less than 24-hours later the inaugural committee announced a new, gay-affirming, faith leader would be found to pray at the event and Louie Giglio withdrew.

The reaction by some evangelical leaders was swift and severe. Many said Giglio's removal was a violation of his religious liberty.Russel Moore said, "When it is now impossible for one who holds to the catholic Christian view of marriage and the gospel to pray at a public event, we now have a de facto established state church."Tony Perkins called it a new "moral McCarthyism," and Gabe Lyons wrote that the White House had "bullied" Giglio.

The entire episode ...

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