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January 2013

Ur Video: Clergy on the Catwalk
This is where high church and high fashion meet.
A Better Way to Recruit
Is your current approach to plugging in volunteers helping or hurting your mission?
Friendship Heals Chick-fil-A / LGBT Divide
Dan Cathy, president of Chick-fil-A, models a Christian response to gay activism.
The Phil Vischer Podcast: Ep 36- Guest Scottie May
Childrens ministry, VBS, and learning to really worship.
Ahem, Your Ecclesiology Is Showing
Ahem, Your Ecclesiology Is Showing
We pastors can struggle to live up to our own cause.
Preaching After the Unthinkable
Preaching After the Unthinkable
In the wake of murder, Stuart Briscoe talks tragedy, grief, and the difficult art of the funeral sermon.
The Persistence of Prejudice
Just how "post-racial" is our society?
Giglio & the Weakness of the Evangelical Brand
Why are Catholics welcomed & Evangelicals pushed from the public square?
The Phil Vischer Podcast: Ep 35- The Golden Globes, Guns, and Giglio
Plus stomach pumps, Belgian twins, and the gay rights movement.
After MLK Day, the Dream Is Not a Reality
While we celebrate the life and work of Martin Luther King Jr., the church in the U.S. remains horribly divided.
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