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June 2013

Friday Five Interview: Jon Acuff
Some say it's narcissistic for Christians to pursue their dreams. But one popular communicator says it's not only okay, it's a matter of discipleship.
Bigger Chunks of Time
Shouldn't church be the best place to spend meaningful time with people?
How Long Should a Sermon Be?
Twitter survey asks pastors how long they preach.
Sick of Sermons
Chronic critique of sermons is an illness. But we can recover.
Drinking to Remember
Drinking to Remember
Alcohol consumption isn't a simple yes or no issue.
The Tweeting Disciple
Four things Twitter has taught me about following Jesus.
Friday Five Interview: Philip Ryken
Are Christian colleges adequately preparing students for ministry? We ask the president of Wheaton College.
Love Closed Down Exodus International
As the "ex-gay" ministry ends a 37 year run, Alan Chambers sheds light on his decision.
Yes Church, We Still Need Seminaries
But not the way we think we do.
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