May 2013

Friday Five Interview: Trillia NewbellSubscriber Access Only
Why should pastors embrace the goal of racial diversity in their congregations? We asked the author of a forthcoming book on race and the Church.
The Spiritual Formation of Things Not Going Our WaySubscriber Access Only
Maybe it's ok to not be a cultural "winner."
Is It Persecution or Just Politics?Subscriber Access Only
The marginalization of faith in America is nothing new...the country was founded on it.
Play What You FeelSubscriber Access Only
How rediscovering artistic freedom changed my leadership.
For I Was a Stranger, and You . . .Subscriber Access Only
. . . And you what?
Friday Five Interview: Joshua HarrisSubscriber Access Only
Can Christians be both humble and orthodox? We asked a popular pastor and the author of a new book.
Review: Missio Alliance Gathering 2013Subscriber Access Only
Reflections on mission, theology, and race after the conference.
The Phil Vischer Podcast: Ep 52- Switzerland, Stephen Hawking & is Persecution a Myth?Subscriber Access Only
A new book claims Christians inflated how much they were persecution by Rome.
How Churches and Families Can Prepare for Disasters
How Churches and Families Can Prepare for Disasters
Recent events underscore the importance of emergency preparedness.
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