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You Are Not Just Preaching to the Room

Preaching wisely in a digital age.

I still remember the excitement I felt when that first sermon series from Chuck Swindoll landed in my mailbox. I was in college and, having some rare cash in my pocket, I ordered his biographical teaching on Moses. Over the next few years I continued to purchase more cassette series. The tapes were perfect for my half-hour commute to work.

Cassettes soon gave way to CD's which eventually gave way to podcasts. Today we live in a world where pastors of churches large and small post their content online almost immediately. Many live-stream and some churches even offer sophisticated viewing experiences allowing viewers to provide feedback. What's more, the advent of smart phones and social media has made Sunday sermons an interactive experience. Social media on Sunday is filled with comments and quotes drawn from the church service. Christian conferences are chronicled live on Twitter with special hash tags, Instagram pictures, and commentary.

Some lament this new reality. They say we ...

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