Staring at the Sun

Moving from false dichotomies to dialogue, for the sake of witness.
Staring at the Sun

This piece from A.J. Swoboda is a thoughtful reminder of importance of tension and nuance in many difficult cultural conversations for Christians. Don't get hung up on the specifics of the evolution issue (there are plenty of us "evolutionary creationists" out there), but hear a pastor's yearning heart for true, honest engagement, in the service of witness. -Paul

For some time, evolution has played a catalytic role of cementing an imagined divide between science and theology into the minds of most modern people—Christian or not. You're either in or out, for science or against science, based exclusively on your belief in one single litmus test: evolution. Undoubtedly, false dichotomies like this have been detrimental to the Western mind, aside from the fact that such a dichotomy overlooks scores of Christians who do accept much of the witness of science while simultaneously holding reservations about certain aspects of evolution.

I experienced this closed-minded ...

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