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Homeless Karaoke

And other innovative practices from around the ministry world.
Homeless Karaoke

Karaoke Coffee Club has been going strong for 18 years in the heart of Los Angeles' Skid Row. The ministry of Central City Church was organized by Pastor Tony Stallworth, who was once homeless, to offer a reprieve from the harsh realities of the streets. Starting at 7:30 every Wednesday night, participants can slough off their troubles by taking the stage to sing.

A man named Robert was formerly homeless and credits Karaoke Coffee Club for helping him make crucial changes to get off the streets. He said, "When you're living on the street, you're continually trying to protect yourself, not opening up to anyone, trying to stay hidden, and that can be a deeply isolating thing. But I knew that there would always be a safe space [at Karaoke] on Wednesday night where you could let down your guard, laugh, sing, and basically just be human for a while."

Employ Comfort Dogs

Lutheran Church Charities employs 70 dogs to bring comfort to those who have experienced trauma. ...

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