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Spring : Trauma

Volume 36

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In this Issue

From The Editor

Ministry as Trauma Center
Ministry as Trauma CenterSubscriber Access Only
We have the privilege of walking with people whose lives have been shattered.


The War After the War
The War After the WarSubscriber Access Only
PTSD touches veterans and their families. How churches can help.
My Incurable Condition
My Incurable Condition
How to pray for someone with a terminal diagnosis.
What Pastors Can Do about Violence in the Home
What Pastors Can Do about Violence in the HomeSubscriber Access Only
How to help victims of domestic abuse.
My Healing Community
My Healing CommunitySubscriber Access Only
How I discovered grace when my pastor-husband was jailed for sex-crimes.
Healing the Horrors of Boko Haram
Healing the Horrors of Boko HaramSubscriber Access Only
In Nigeria we saw the light of heaven pierce the shadow of evil.


Why 'Don't Do It' Doesn't Work
Why 'Don't Do It' Doesn't Work
Raised in a culture that porn-ifies sex and deifies desire, today's young adults need a bigger vision of sexuality.
Armed and Dangerous
Armed and DangerousSubscriber Access Only
Beware the sword of 'righteous anger.'
Ministry's Bleeding Edge
Ministry's Bleeding EdgeSubscriber Access Only
What churches do for trauma.
Want People to Come to Church? Email them!
Want People to Come to Church? Email them!Subscriber Access Only
And other items of interest from ministry and culture.


The Neglected Power of Blessing
The Neglected Power of BlessingSubscriber Access Only
One of the most meaningful things a pastor can do is short, sweet, and biblical.
Homeless Karaoke
Homeless KaraokeSubscriber Access Only
And other innovative practices from around the ministry world.
Your Small Church Is Big
Your Small Church Is BigSubscriber Access Only
The suprising secret to growth.
Taking Pains
Taking PainsSubscriber Access Only
The minister I met when I was ready to quit.


The Relationally Grounded Pastor
The Relationally Grounded PastorSubscriber Access Only
An interview with Eugene Peterson
Putting Failure on Ice
Putting Failure on IceSubscriber Access Only
What ministry in Antarctica taught me about not quitting.
Into the Whirlwind
Into the WhirlwindSubscriber Access Only
My first week on the job included an exorcism and suicide.
When Is My Ministry Done?
When Is My Ministry Done?Subscriber Access Only
God had his own clear way of telling me.


    Pastoral Nightmares
    Pastoral Nightmares
    Spooky stories around the Pastor Retreat campfire.
    Fancy Offering
    Fancy Offering
    Bunny Trails
    Bunny Trails
    That happens in almost every sermon.
    Twisting Scripture
    Twisting Scripture
    We’re first-time visitors ... Do you misinterpret Scripture every Sunday, or is this a special sermon series?
    Numbers Fixation
    Numbers Fixation
    Bear with me while I cope with my obsession over attendance.
    Toxic Report
    Toxic Report
    According to the recent toxic substance inspection, they found asbestos in the sanctuary, lead paint in the basement, and a deacon criticizing your leadership in the adult Sunday School room.
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