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Winter : Press On

Volume 37

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In this Issue

From The Editor

The Next Life of Leadership
The Next Life of LeadershipSubscriber Access Only
Pressing on to the next chapter.


The Day I Hit the Wall
The Day I Hit the Wall
A simple question led to a life-defining collapse.
5 Steps to Building a System for Shepherding
5 Steps to Building a System for ShepherdingSubscriber Access Only
How pastors can build a workflow for resilience.
Pour It Out
Pour It OutSubscriber Access Only
God doesn't intend pastors to burn out. There's a better way.
Friend Me
Friend MeSubscriber Access Only
How your personal network sustains ministry health for both you and your church.
Pastors in Recovery
Pastors in RecoverySubscriber Access Only
Admitting an addiction has its risks ... and real ministry benefits.
Hard Job, High Calling
Hard Job, High CallingSubscriber Access Only
Reports of clergy attrition are often exaggerated, but pastors still face daunting challenges.


6 Kinds of Pastors You'll Meet in Fiction
6 Kinds of Pastors You'll Meet in FictionSubscriber Access Only
What popular portrayals of ministry reveal about our calling.
Best Ministry Books of the Year
Best Ministry Books of the YearSubscriber Access Only
We asked our contributors to name the new books that benefited their ministry the most. Here's the list.
Science vs. Religion?
Science vs. Religion?Subscriber Access Only
And other items of interest from ministry and culture.


My Journey Into Spiritual Direction
My Journey Into Spiritual DirectionSubscriber Access Only
Recognizing God's work in your life usually requires a guide.
Standing While Slain
Standing While SlainSubscriber Access Only
Resilience in ministry requires being open to hurt, for ourselves and for those we care for.
Ministry Lessons from My Father
Ministry Lessons from My FatherSubscriber Access Only
He passed away early in my life but remains the biggest influence on my ministry.
Better Offering Time
Better Offering TimeSubscriber Access Only
And other innovative practices from around the ministry world.


Through the Directory
Through the DirectorySubscriber Access Only
Praying through the membership began as a way to grow the church. Something else happened.
Lonely in the Second Chair?
Lonely in the Second Chair?Subscriber Access Only
How to thrive in a less visible role.
Learning to Walk the Land
Learning to Walk the LandSubscriber Access Only
Why I moved from the beaches to the block.
How I Got a Rhino Hide
How I Got a Rhino HideSubscriber Access Only
Coming to CT: The Local Church
Coming to CT: The Local ChurchSubscriber Access Only
You're passionate about leadership, and so are we.
Redefined Success
Redefined SuccessSubscriber Access Only
I thought it was counselor-speak for lowering standards and settling for less. It's not.


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