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CT Pastors’ Top 17 Articles of 2017

This year’s best practical solutions and stories of ministry failure, temptation, and encouragement.
CT Pastors’ Top 17 Articles of 2017

As I compiled this list of CTPastors.com’s top articles of 2017, I was struck by the number of story-driven articles that made the cut. Stories of failure. Stories of temptation. Stories of lives dedicated to God’s kingdom. God has blessed us with fellow travelers on the ministry road with whom we can share a laugh, a tear, and perhaps a word of caution.

These narratives connect us to others engaged in the highs and lows of pastoral ministry. Other pastors’ failures paint a picture of God’s ability to use even the most flawed individuals for his purposes. Their tales of temptation chart for us a map of the pitfalls and landmines we should avoid. Their successes encourage us to press on when nothing seems to go the way we think it should. Ultimately I hope these stories, and our other top articles of 2017, prepare you for and reaffirm your calling as a shepherd of God’s people.

17. Is Your Church Healthy for People with Mental Illness?

3 ways your congregation can embrace those with mental disorders.

By Michael R. Lyles

16. Kyle Idleman: God Never Wastes What We Go Through

Helping people experience grace and embracing confession in pastoral ministry.

Interview by Kyle Rohane and Andrew Finch

15. People Aren’t Projects

… and other lessons I learned as a rural pastor.

By Brad Roth

14. When This Pastor Got Political

I thought a town hall meeting would be the perfect venue to fight for injustice. I was oh-so-wrong.

By Keith Mannes

13. How I Leverage My Autism for Pastoral Ministry

My life-changing diagnosis forced me to learn myself—and my ministry role—all over again.

By Lamar Hardwick

12. Reaching a New Generation with the Bible

We can no longer depend on methods that worked 20 years ago.

By Cara Meredith

11. We Were Seduced by Power

Five pastors confess their temptations to manipulate, control, and cling to worldly significance.

By Jamin Goggin, with Glenn Packiam, J. R. Briggs, Joshua Ryan Butler, and Tyler Johnson

10. Sexual Addiction Destroyed My Pastorate

Exposing the truth was just the first step to redemption.

By John Doyel

9. Eliminate Christian Jargon from Your Church

Let’s throw out the insider language.

By J. R. Briggs

8. The Success Affair

Why do so many adulterous relationships begin when ministry is going well?

By Mike MacKenzie

7. 6 Markers of Especially Welcoming Churches

Insights from a church secret shopper.

By Greg Atkinson

6. We Are Called to Be Faithful, Not Successful

As my pastorate crumbled around me, I learned what God truly expects of us.

By Brian Lowery

5. 6 Dos and Don’ts for Welcoming Church Guests

Visitor connection should be organic, not contrived.

By Marty Duren

4. A Dying Pastor Reflects on His Legacy

With less than a month to live, Buddy Hoffman discusses the highs and lows of 40 years in ministry.

Interview by Maina Mwaura

3. Boring Church Services Changed My Life

While I fought to keep my eyes open, the gospel pressed deep into my heart.

By Daniel Darling

2. 5 Passages Your Pastor Wishes You’d Stop Taking out of Context

How we get them wrong and what church leaders can do about it.

By Kyle Rohane

1. Confessions of a Former ‘It’ Church Pastor

We were the hottest church in our area. Then everything imploded.

By Anonymous

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