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CT Pastors Books

Ecclesiastes and the Search for Meaning in an Upside-Down World
Ecclesiastes Is the Story of Abel Writ Large
Biblical Hebrew uses similar names for “vanity” and the slain brother. That’s no accident.
What Are Christians For?: Life Together at the End of the World
Let the Modern World Make You Uncomfortable
Jake Meador challenges the church to rethink its attachment to the American way of life.
The Least of Us: True Tales of America and Hope in the Time of Fentanyl and Meth
The Church Should Ask Two Questions About the Current Drug Crisis
Where do we find it? And more importantly, are we really prepared for what we’ll find?
The Sexual Reformation: Restoring the Dignity and Personhood of Man and Woman
When Song of Songs Uses a Word, It Doesn’t Always Mean What We Think It Means
Aimee Byrd is correct that the book diagnoses flawed understandings of human sexuality, but her interpretative choices are open to question.
The Resurrection of Jesus Christ: Exploring Its Theological Significance and Ongoing Relevance
Jesus Is Risen! Now What?
We’re quick to affirm the Resurrection, but we often miss its full meaning.
One at a Time: The Unexpected Way God Wants to Use You to Change the World
The Bible Has a Clear and Consistent ‘Party Theology’
We’re called not only to attend them, but also to throw them ourselves.
Living Under Water: Baptism as a Way of Life (The Calvin Institute of Christian Worship Liturgical Studies)
The Waters of Baptism Flow Toward Humanity at Its Neediest
Just as Jesus’ baptism launched his public ministry, our own baptisms ordinate us to a life of humble obedience and costly service.
Urban Apologetics: Restoring Black Dignity with the Gospel
Black Christians Are Confronting Black Lies About Christianity
How urban apologetics contends against the distortions promoted by “Black Conscious” movements.
The Jesus I Wish I Knew in High School
When We Were Your Age, We Needed Jesus Too
Thirty Christian authors remember the struggles of their teenage years while sharing hard-won gospel wisdom with teens today.