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CT Pastors Books

Faithful in Small Things: How to Serve the Needy When You're One of Them
Why I Agreed to Receive Financial Help from Someone Who Needed It Herself
My pride was blinding me to an important truth: that healthy relationships revolve around mutuality, not one-sided generosity.
The Courage to Stand: Facing Your Fear without Losing Your Soul
Russell Moore: Real Christian Courage Looks like Elijah at His Most Pathetic
My caution to those who “stand for truth” by calling down “fire from heaven” upon its enemies.
10 Questions Every Teen Should Ask (and Answer) about Christianity
Christian Parents: You Don’t Have to Protect Your Children from Divergent Opinions
If what we teach them is true, it will stand up to scrutiny.
Mother of Modern Evangelicalism: The Life and Legacy of Henrietta Mears (Library of Religious Biography (LRB))
Without Henrietta Mears, Evangelicalism as We Know It Probably Wouldn’t Exist
Meet the woman who mentored the leaders and fostered the institutions that fueled its 20th-century transformation.
Companions in the Darkness: Seven Saints Who Struggled with Depression and Doubt
Charles Spurgeon Knew It Was Possible to Be Faithful and Depressed
How his example can encourage believers who “walk in darkness, and see no light.”
Reimagining Apologetics: The Beauty of Faith in a Secular Age
Is ‘Authenticity’ Enough for Christian Apologetics?
Appeals to nonbelievers should go beyond pure rationality, but they shouldn’t go beyond the bounds of Scripture.
Bavinck: A Critical Biography
Herman Bavinck’s Balancing Act, and Ours
As a new biography shows, the Dutch Reformed theologian was adept at navigating perennial tensions of Christ and culture.
The Wisdom Pyramid: Feeding Your Soul in a Post-Truth World
After Binging on the Internet in 2020, We Need a Major Knowledge-Diet Overhaul
Brett McCracken applies food-pyramid principles to our habits of media consumption.
A Multitude of All Peoples: Engaging Ancient Christianity's Global Identity (Missiological Engagements)
Christianity Isn’t ‘Becoming’ Global. It Always Has Been.
Why this misperception poses a stumbling block to the spread of the gospel.
God's Design for the Church: A Guide for African Pastors and Ministry Leaders (The Gospel Coalition)
20 Questions for the Churches in Africa
Conrad Mbewe, a Zambian pastor, asks them in his book. But there are others worth considering.