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Embracing My Less than Spectacular Church
Ministry doesn't have to be mega to matter.
The Power of an Average Mentor
You don't have to be flashy to make a profound difference in someone's life.
Friday Five Interview: Rebekah Lyons
How do busy moms find the space to pursue their God-given callings? We asked the author of the new book, Freefall to Fly.
Friday Five Interview: D.A. Carson
What's ahead for the The Gospel Coalition and the "Young, Restless, Reformed" movement?
Friday Five: Michael Wear
What are evangelicals' biggest misconceptions about President Obama? We asked one who knows him well.
Friday Five Interview: Eric Metaxas
How do Christians display courage and civility? We asked the author of Bonhoeffer and Wilberforce.
Friday Five Interview: Samuel Rodriquez
Why should evangelicals care about immigration reform? We asked the leader of the Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference
Friday Five Interview: Rachel Held Evans
Can egalitarians and complementarians get along? We asked a prominent author and blogger.
Friday Five Interview: Russell Moore
Are conservative evangelicals rethinking their political engagement? We asked the newly elected president of the Southern Baptist's Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission.
Friday Five Interview: Amy Simpson
How should the Church respond to mental illness? We asked the author of the new book, Troubled Minds.
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