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Must See TV?
When their viewing habits caused conflict, Daniel and Angela Darling realized they needed to come up with a "TV guide."
The Danger of Marriage Books
The hidden messages I sent my wife after reading the experts' advice
Embracing My Less than Spectacular Church
Ministry doesn't have to be mega to matter.
Friday Five Interview: Rachel Held Evans
Can egalitarians and complementarians get along? We asked a prominent author and blogger.
Friday Five Interview: Philip Ryken
Are Christian colleges adequately preparing students for ministry? We ask the president of Wheaton College.
Friday Five: Matthew Lee Anderson
Are the motivations behind our questions always good? We asked the author of a brand new book that, ironically, asks this question.
Friday Five: Caleb Breakey
Calling Millennials to stay in church.
Friday Five Interview: Mark Buchanan
The teacher and former pastor talks transitions, inciting riots, and writing.
Abortion Meets a New Generation
Progressive evangelicals can't tout social justice while side-stepping the sanctity of life.
Friday Five Interview: Bill Swanger
Musings from a life-long mentor.
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