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Packing Heat and Trusting Providence: Why I Own a Handgun
Being a pro-life woman means protecting my life, too.
No Exceptions: The Case for a Consistent Pro-Life Ethic
Is unborn life not worth protecting in cases of rape and incest?
Marriage: Creating a Partnership, Not Reeling in a Catch
The old traditions of luring in a spouse still linger today.
Why 'Girl with the Dragon Tattoo' Is Hurting Women
Lisbeth Salander is less a female role model than a projection of a base male fantasy.
Confessions of a Breadwinner Wife
Most American women still want to 'marry up' on the socioeconomic scale. How I hit the jackpot on a totally different scale.
The Female Friendship Crisis
Friends are an indispensable part of growing in Christ. So why do many of us have so few?
We Can't All Be Beautiful
Why does our obsession with self-acceptance focus so much on appearance?
A Girl Is a Half-Formed Thing
Haunting, defiant, demanding to be heard.
Responding to Same-Sex Marriage
Prepare yourself, your leaders, and your congregation to respond to engage this issue with love, clarity, and conviction.
How to Love Your Ideological Enemy
If hospitality is a model for discipleship, then we need both open doors and clear boundaries.
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