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Sin in the Double Helix
Reports linking moral behavior to genetic traits actually prove Scripture's claims, not undermine them.
Tattooed Barbie: You've Come a Long Way!
Barbie is art imitating life (and vice-versa).
Inside the Heart of an Animal Hoarder
When a love for pets goes terribly awry.
'Skins' Prompts Call for Child Porn Investigation
This time, the Parents Television Council is probably right about the British export that spotlights teens (and teen actors) engaging in a sexual free-for-all.
Michael Vick's Long Road to Recovery
A Christian animal-welfare activist reflects on the NFL quarterback and dogfighter's restoration.
Steubenville: Whatever Happened to Human Dignity?
A discussion of rape, responsibility, and redemption.
Prom’s Biggest Drama Queens? The Adults
Striving for moderation on high school's biggest night.
When Abortion Hits Home
As more women open up, we’re faced with the heartbreaking realization that abortion affects us all.
Female and Made in My Father's Image
Just because I’m a “she” doesn’t mean the Creator I reflect has to be.
The Hidden Blessing of Infertility
Our inability to have kids turned into an ability to do so much else.