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When Ironic Sexism Comes to Church

Have Christians started mimicking our culture's winking anti-woman attitudes?

It's 2012, and things are different for women in the West. Women have had the right to vote for over 90 years. Women currently outnumber men in college, and more women than men now have master's degrees. An increasing number of CEOs are women—20 of the largest companies in America are led by female CEOs. And, as demonstrated by the latest political election, more women are being elected to public office.

But this historical evolution has resulted in a strange and concerning development, one I'll call "ironic sexism."

if you're a woman like me you have probably experienced ironic sexism. You may have even done it yourself. It goes something like this: You're hanging out at your house with friends, some of whom are men. You share your latest workplace frustration, which elicits the following response from a peer: "You just need to get married and have kids. A woman's place is in the home, after all." He says with a wink.

At face value, the comment is unconscionable. The remark not only ...

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