A Dean in one of our great Western state universities recently pointed out that students need a cause, something in which they can believe and to which they can commit themselves. Disillusioned with social panaceas and scientific messianism, and faced with the realities of an incipiently self-destructive world, the modern student finds himself in a vacuum. “The next few years,” said the educator, “will determine what will fill that vacuum.”

The student world today is much like the Roman world of the first century when the gods of the Pantheon were dead, and hearts were ready for the living Christ.

Students are impatient with anything which they feel is not relevant to their individual lives and to the world they face; this makes them seem cynical. They build their defenses against being “taken” by anything that promises much but produces little; this makes them seem sophisticated. In reality, they are seekers—for security in an insecure world and for personal meaning in a vast universe.

What an ideal climate for the confrontation of the seeking student with the searching Savior!

University Confrontation

The experience of Billy Graham in universities has indicated that where the confrontation takes place, the results are miraculous.

Two years ago Dr. Graham was aboard the S. S. United States crossing the Atlantic, his destination the area of the greatest concentration of intellectual pride in the British Empire: Cambridge University. In daily prayer meetings Dr. Graham and the assistant missioned faced the problem: How to reach a student mind and heart characterized by the cynical phrase, “I couldn’t care less?” To attempt to make an intellectual appeal would put the message ...

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