Countdown On Cholesterol

Dr. Grandiose Slugs, who is a friend of Bill Vaughn (and if you don’t know Bill Vaughn, you are completely uneducated—you probably live a provincial life on the East Coast or the West Coast), makes the following statement: “You ask me what is the future of science, sir, and I reply that science is going to be a con founded nuisance, sir.” This is a view point with which I heartily concur.

Two weeks ago we put in our air conditioning and switched over for a couple of hot days; then the temperature dropped to around freezing, and we switched back. That, it seems to me, makes sense. But the new air conditioning blew out the pilot light; and when they came to fix the pilot light, they cracked the furnace; and when they fixed the furnace, they had to re-do the air conditioning. In the meantime, something has gone wrong with the TV, and the men who were fixing the furnace stepped on two of our petunias.

The Atlantic Monthly, some months ago, described the ultimate traffic jam in New York City, with the traffic backed up for over four miles in every direction. It looked to them as if the ultimate solution might be to have a perfect traffic jam and then to pave over the tops of the cars and start all over again. At times it does seem as if we are not far from the ultimate solution.

People are killed by thrombosis. I am beginning to theorize that this is the way nations die, too. It could happen to education; and if you don’t think religion is getting complex, you haven’t been reading the papers when they sort out for the news mediums what it is that actually goes on in assemblies and conferences. It isn’t much, but there is a tremendous “heave and ho,” not to mention salaries and travel accounts, just to keep ...

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