Dear Connoisseurs of Linguistic Jive:

National Council of Churches social activists have, as part of their crash program on the “Crisis in the Nation,” erected a shanty in Resurrection City. It stands on Martin Luther King Plaza right off Abernathy Boulevard. New Breed churchmen have earnestly tried to establish “meaningful relationships” with the soul-brother—yippie—type demonstrators. I’m not sure how their “relevant dialogue” has gone, but I imagine their language adaptation may have been something like this:

“Hey, man, those long beads over the Nehru jacket and denims are wild. Like they’re the most! In this uptight world what a gas it is to be here in Resurrection City doin’ our own thing. Black and white together—sockin’ it to those Machiavellian racists on Capitol Hill—man, it’s positively groovy. Before we’re through, the Establishment’s really gonna know where it’s at. It’s high time the plastic man laid some bread on us poor cats. Till we get what’s ours nobody’s gonna turn us ’round.

“But you know, man, we gotta split from our own hang-ups, too. Like we gotta overcome our angst. You don’t dig? Sorry about that, Clyde. I mean we gotta get outa drag and get ultimately concerned. Ultimately concerned about what? Ultimately concerned about ultimate concern. I’m not talkin’ about Big Daddy in Skysville. I’m talkin’ about bein’ a man for others. I’m tellin’ it like it is. We also gotta accept the fact that we’re accepted, know what I mean? Man, that’s greater than droppin’ acid or flyin’ with a joint of grass. It’s really somethin’ else! It’s like an everlastin’ love-in!

“Of course, the straights don’t dig this. It’s not their bag. They’re too hooked on pie in the sky. And they’re always tryin’ to scare people with that ...

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