In this initial issue of a new decade, CHRISTIANITY TODAY presents thoughts of fourteen young evangelicals. They speak—sometimes in strident tones—to the great issues that face the Church in the seventies. Their views are important for younger as well as older readers who are concerned that Christian options gain greater visibility in the cultural crisis.

Mass Evangelism

Tom Skinner, 27, is an evangelist with an international reputation. He attended Manhattan Bible Institute and Wagner College and is an ordained Baptist clergyman. He has conducted evangelistic crusades in a number of large American cities and is heard throughout the country on a weekly radio broadcast. He was one of the major speakers at the U. S. Congress on Evangelism in Minneapolis last September. He is the author of “Black and Free.”

An article in the Wall Street Journal last November stated that we can expect more changes in business, politics, and economics in the next five years than took place in all of the last twenty. If this is true, and I believe it is, then the Christian Church is faced with an immense challenge as it prepares to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the seventies.

1. Education. Education will change its emphasis from the study of history to creative preparation for the future. The message of Jesus Christ then must be preached in that vein.

2. Population. A majority of the population will be under twenty-five years of age. This means the Gospel of Christ must be preached in the language of that age group and in a way relevant to its life-style.

3. Black power. Black power will be a reality; many of the large cities will be controlled by a very highly trained, articulate, aggressive black constituency. If the message of Jesus Christ ...

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