For nearly three years, Eutychus X has entertained and enraged readers of CHRISTIANITY TODAY. In spite of ourselves, he has also instructed us. To me it was special fun, because he always directed his sharpest thrusts against those causes with which he himself identifies. My friends would complain that he was picking on them. He was—and on me, too. But especially on himself. And we all grew bigger because of it. Now Eutychus X moves into “retirement,” and we can all finally learn who this tormenter of Israel really is: Pastor Warren Wiersbe. Once editor of Youth for Christ (now Campus Life) magazine, he was for several years pastor of the well-known Moody Church in Chicago. Author of many books, he has more recently been engaged in radio and Bible teaching ministries in addition to his writing. We are grateful for his ministry to us through this column.

No Christian who seeks to be guided by the Bible imagines that Western capitalism is perfect. We can all testify to its corruptness at certain times and places. Marxism seems to share with the Bible a vivid sense of human depravity. That is why the Marxist argues for revolution as the only way humanity can be delivered from entrenched greed and exploitation.

But the Marxist commitment to the biblical doctrine of human depravity is not radical enough: it is when man has ushered in the new age of the classless society that all will be perfect. But the promise of such a manmade utopia cannot be delivered. Promises continue unabated, but the Marxists never deliver the goods. From two widely separated areas of the world this issue focuses on the broken promises of the Marxists and the disillusionment of those who know the system best—who have observed it personally in Eastern Europe and in the Philippines.

Book review editor Walter Elwell looks at the important new book by Richard Hutcheson, and raises hard questions about the direction of the so-called mainline denominations. We still believe the chief strength of the evangelical movement remains in what are called the older mainline denominations. But it will not stay that way for long unless the leaders of these bodies recognize the seriousness of the problem they face. Spiritually hungry people will go where they are fed—with the life-giving Word of the living God.

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