The Magazine

November 12 , 1982
Volume 26, Number 18
November 12
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Table of Contents 1982
The CT Archives are a rich treasure of biblical wisdom and insight from our past. Some things we would say differently today, and some stances we've changed. But overall, we're amazed at how relevant so much of this content is. We trust that you'll find it a helpful resource. - Mark Galli, editor-in-chief
Also in this Issue:
  • “Why Should God Visit Us … When We’re Not Interested?”
  • Christian Record Publishers Tap into the Exercise Craze
  • Christians Gather in Jerusalem to Celebrate Feast of Tabernacles
  • The Police Lock a Baptist Church
  • Two Scenarios of Failure & Success
  • Eutychus and His Kin: November 12, 1982
  • A Christian Education Worthy of the Name
  • Others Say: Television Is No Angel of Light!
  • The Boston Tea Party, 1982?
  • The Christian Connection
  • Christian Colleges: Some Will Not Survive
  • The College President: Educator or Fund Raiser?
  • Evangelicals’ Subtle Infection
  • By the Way: Stay in Shape and Travel Light
  • Great Men and Small Matters
  • This Man Peddled Cross-Country to Earn Money for College
  • Palau Holds Mass Crusades throughout Paraguay
  • Norman Lear’s Lobbying Style Troubles Some Supporters
  • Bad News about the Effects of Divorce
  • Refiner’s Fire: Updike’s Rich Rabbit: Suffocating in Sin
  • Hispanics: The Harvest Field at Home
  • Putting God Back into Theology
  • Facing Up to the Holocaust
Baptists and Catholics Helped Save Thousands of Florida Marriages
How Baptists and Catholics Together Helped Save Thousands of Florida Marriages
A faith-based marriage campaign in Jacksonville appears to have driven divorce rates down. Can the model be replicated?