Capitalism: For Good Or Evil?

Evangelicals agree that Christians have a duty to love and care for the poor, the downtrodden, and the oppressed. However, there is widespread debate within the evangelical community over the proper means to this end. Liberals and conservatives alike claim moral and rational superiority for their methodologies. In recent years, the tide seems to have shifted toward the political Left.

The leftist bias of the National Council of Churches and several mainline Protestant churches has long been suspected and was recently documented by Reader’s Digest and CBS’s “60 Minutes.”

The proportion of evangelicals who are willing to endorse left-wing political and economic programs has been growing. What is the catalyst turning traditionally conservative and moderate Christians toward the Left? According to Ronald Nash, the Left has captured the attention of evangelicals under false pretenses. Deftly utilizing Christian rhetoric, the Left has made serious inroads into the evangelical community under the rubric of “social justice,” an ill-defined term that entails a “large, powerful and paternalistic state.”

In classical political thought, justice implied harmony and balance.

For Plato, a properly ordered soul was a just soul ¡similarly, a properly ordered state was a just state. In such a regime, every person did the work that he was best suited for, thus maximizing his contribution to the city-state. Reward was given according to merit, and each received what he deserved. Equality prevailed among equals, and inequality reigned among unequals.

Aristotle went even further and introduced the concepts of universal justice (justice as virtue) and particular justice (justice as fairness).

According to Nash, justice has ...

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