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March 11 1991, 1991
Volume 35, Number 3
March 11
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Risen in Deed
If Only Wesley Were Here
Shame Crucified
Behind the American preoccupation with appearance lurks shame, a major sickness in our souls.
The New Denominations
Will the new Christian movements live up to an old maxim: "The longer they bum, the smaller their flame"?
The Wesleys’ New Denomination
How a revival became an institution.
In Search of the Visible Church
There was a time when coming to Christ meant joining his body. What happened?
Believer’s Apprentice
The Road to Spiritual Maturity Is More Easily Traveled with a Fellow Pilgrim.
The rash of mob movies cannot but prod viewers to contemplate the specter of evil and its proximity to their own dark places.
The Wages of War