The Sea Jesus Calmed Is Becoming Deadlier than Ever

Plus: Eastern Orthodox Church's unprecedented canonization, why shocking entertainment is good, and other stories from mainstream media sources around the world.

Sea of Galilee claiming "unprecedented" number of lives

Fifteen people have drowned this summer in the lake where Jesus walked. Officials blame the waterline, which has dropped dramatically. "The low level of the lake means that the bathers have to walk a much longer way to reach the water in order to take a dip or swim," says Zvi Ortenberg, the government official in charge of the lake. "The problem arises when they reach the water and go in as far as, say, their chest, as many would in normal circumstances, and then suddenly there is a shelf or ridge where the water is much deeper."

Eastern Orthodox Church canonizes first Roman Catholic saint

The Eastern Orthodox Church canonized Hungary's King Saint Stephen I as the country celebrated his founding of the country 1,000 years ago. It's the first time that the Eastern Orthodox have canonized someone already a saint in the Roman Catholic Church since the Great Schism in 1054 (Stephen I was elevated to sainthood by the Roman Catholic Church in 1686). "This reflects that Hungary, committed to the beliefs and conviction of Saint Stephen, wishes to be a bridge between the East and the West, the Eastern and the Western Church," said Hungarian President Ferenc Madl. Less than 1 percent of Hungary is Eastern Orthodox.

Promise Keepers continues

Is every newspaper required to run a " Promise Keepers still going, but smaller" story when the rallies come to town? This weekend PK is in Massachusetts, and it's The Boston Globe's turn to look at what went wrong, and why Bill McCartney's group is back.

Surprise! Bible camps are fun!

That's right. Gone are the days when Bible camp meant work detail, cold gruel, and whippings for falling asleep during Lamentations memorization. Now summer camps ...

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The Sea Jesus Calmed Is Becoming Deadlier than Ever
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