August (Web-only) 2000

St. Harry Potter Parish?
Plus: Peace breaks down at Millennium Peace Summit, Virginia schools keep moment of silence, and other stories from mainstream media sources around the world.
All Together Now
What qualifies as an ecumenical council anyway?
Imprisoned Peruvian Army Colonel Denied Parole
Evangelical convicted of drug trafficking continues fight for justice as hope fades.
Kenyan Bishop Calls on Widows to Take Stand Against Wife Inheritance
Joter, polygamy customs criticized for contributing to spreading HIV.
Vietnam Jams Hmong Christian Radio Broadcasts
Government tries to curb spread of Protestant Christianity along Chinese border.
Becoming a Healing Community
How the church can develop a climate of help to the hurting.
Peace Summit or Chance to Rip on Christians?
Plus: First Church of Disney and other stories from news media around the world.
A Marriage Counterculture
An update on the state of unions in America.
Sex Marriage and Divorce
Results from a 1992 Christianity Today reader's survey.
Divorce and Remarriage from Augustine to Zwingli
How Christian understanding about marriage has changed—and stayed the same—through history.
Can One Become Two?
What Scripture says about Christians and divorce.
Remarriage: Two Views
Two New Testament professors debate whether remarriage is acceptable for Christians.
How Not to Fail Hurting Couples
We need a kind of shock therapy to become alert to missed opportunities.
Cheerleaders Voted Most Popular at the Cinema
What Christian film critics are saying about Bring It On, The Art of War, The Cell, The Original Kings of Comedy, and other new releases.
Christians Should Require Premarital Sex Says Theologian
Plus: The Salvation Army loosens up on marriage, more violence in India, and other stories from mainstream media sources around the world.
Campaigner Says Churches Ignore Child Abuse
President of ECPAT accuses clergy and church workers of perpetrating child abuse.
Journalists Organizations Tiring of Lieberman's God Talk
Plus: The world's religious leaders meet—sort of, spontaneous prayer at football, and other stories.
To Hell on a Cream Puff
Gluttony makes you soft and lovable. It's the cute sin.
Somali Convert Released From Jail in Yemen
Reunited family en route to New Zealand.
Humans and Other Animals
How much do we share with the birds of the air and the beasts of the field?
Who You Gonna Call?
According to a study, Protestant churches aren't answering the phone.
Is Bush's Campaign and Christianity Really About His Sister?
Plus: A new era for child porn, more on China's arrests of Christians, and other stories from around the Internet.
Clinton Visit Provokes Church Members
Willow Creek pastor fields congregation's questions, challenges.
Lawsuits Force Anglicans to Cut Staff and Programs
Abuse allegations cause the Anglican Church of Canada to scale back church support and overseas ministries.
A Passionate Passion
Oberammergau's drama not only survives, it thrives.
Trying to Make The New York Times Bestseller List the Wrong Way
Plus: House church members arrested in China, Olympic tribute to drag, and other stories from around the world.
The Kingdom of God Is Like that Scene from Aliens
Josh Spencer and Brian Heflin of Stranger Things magazine see pop culture as fresh language to communicate classic truths.
The Sea Jesus Calmed Is Becoming Deadlier than Ever
Plus: Eastern Orthodox Church's unprecedented canonization, why shocking entertainment is good, and other stories from mainstream media sources around the world.
The Itty-Bitty Protest Against Scouting
Plus: More shari'a in Nigeria, spiritual warfare strategies scrutinized, and other stories from around the world.
World Youth Day Hailed as Popestock
Two million young people turn up for Mass in Rome with Pope John Paul.
World Youth Day Sets Records
Plus: Was Dirk voted off Survivor for his faith? Sunday school teacher wins Chiapas election, and other stories from around the world.
Cardinal Mahony's Baloney Sandwich
The public face of Catholic social teaching.
Indonesian Island Attacks Go Unnoticed
World ignoring plight of Christians in Ambon, visitors say.
The Race for Priest-ident Continues
Plus: The death penalty, World Youth Day, singleness in church, and other stories from mainstream news media around the world.
Beyond the Impasse to What?
Stem-cell research may not need human embryos after all. But why are we researching in the first place?
Soviets Schism and Sabotage
How the government manipulated division in the Russian Orthodox Church.
Suffering From Post-Apartheid Fatigue
Churches told they are not doing enough to reconcile South Africa.
Commandments Go to Chicago Schools
Plus: Day camp says banning Kum Ba Yah was a mistake, God's cybersquatter, and other stories from around the world.
India's Bishops Fear for the Life of Prominent Christian Activist
I have been targeted, says John Dayal.
Evangelicals Try to Stop Cathedral's Appearance in Harry Potter Movie
Plus: Russian Orthodox Church issues major documents, Tony Campolo speaks on counseling the president, and other stories from around the world.
Summer Films Cool Down
What Christian film critics are saying about The Replacements, Autumn in New York, Bless the Child, and other recent releases.
Russia's Last Czar to Be Sainted
Nicholas II and family part of 1,100 canonized for martyrdom by communists.
Democratic Convention Begins on a Prolife Note
Plus: Evangelicals aren't really anti-Semites after all, and the new St. Czar.
Plan for Peace in Colombia Is a Plan 'For Death ' Say Church Activists
Will U.S. military assistance in destroying coca fields only increase violence?
Camp Bans Kum Ba Yah
Plus: Chiapas tensions cool, Russian Orthodox bishops meet, and other stories from mainstream media sources around the world.
In Praise of Miscegenation
Racial categories don't mean what they used to. Hallelujah.
A Church's Art Program Goes Too Far in New York City
Plus: Columbine killer's pastor resigns, what Amsterdam 2000 didn't do, and other news stories from the mainstream press.
Sacrifice at Sea
The story that wasn't in James Cameron's Titanic.
Layoffs Begin as Canada's Anglican Church Prepares for a Storm
Plus: Christy still thrills, Godspell returns, and other stories from around the Internet.
Hollow Woman?
What Christian film critics have to say about The Eyes of Tammy Faye, Space Cowboys, Hollow Man, and other current releases.
Christians Like Lieberman's Orthodox Jewish Faith But Not All His Politics
Plus: More Amsterdam 2000 coverage, Clinton goes to Willow Creek, and other stories from around the Internet.
Egypt Jails Christian for Three Years for 'Insulting Islam
'Extremely harsh judgment' for El-Kosheh Copt to be appealed.
Founder of China's Born Again Movement Set Free
Xu Yongze released from prison camp after 3 years of labor re-education.
$40 Million Suit Filed Over Omega Code
Dying minister claims Trinity Broadcasting Network stole her story.
Give 'Em Hell Harry!
Looking back at the 1948 presidential campaign.
The Amsterdam Declaration
A Charter for evangelism in the 21st century.
Bonhoeffer: Agent of Grace
New film relates Bonhoeffer's inspiring story to a wider audience.
Who Killed Jesus?
Who Killed Jesus?
After centuries of censure, Jews have been relieved of general responsibility for the death of Jesus. Now who gets the blame?
CT Institute: Divorce and Remarriage
An introduction to our 1992 series on what divorce means for families, churches, and our country.

Top Story June 13, 2024

Southern Baptists’ Nuanced Divides on Display at Annual Meeting
Southern Baptists’ Nuanced Divides on Display at Annual Meeting
From a wider slate of six candidates, president Clint Pressley takes the “strange honor” of leading the convention’s growing factions toward missional unity.

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