Fundraiser for Jimmy Swaggart pleads guilty, says he stole $769,000

John J. Clouser, former director of development and planned giving for Jimmy Swaggart Ministries, says he pilfered the organization's money to pose as a rich entrepreneur so he could meet women. With women in Dallas, Philadelphia and Atlanta, he spent money on helicopter rides, limousines, World Series tickets, jewelry, apartments, shopping sprees, and other extravagances. "This has certainly put his former bosses' Christian beliefs to the test," says the embezzler's lawyer. (See our earlier coverage of Clouser's arrest and the Associated Press's coverage of the plea.)

I think I love you, wwjdgal4827

Over the weekend, published an article about the sexuality of postcollege Christian singles. Beliefnet, meanwhile, ran a Canadian Press article on how Christian singles are finding each other. "Uncomfortable with local bar scenes," the article begins, "restless in the social circles of their own churches, single Christians by the tens of thousands are flocking to Internet services offering the prospect of spiritually correct matchmaking." Matt Donnelly, former assistant editor of Christianity Online magazine, is quoted as warning readers, "It's best not to expect Mr. or Ms. Right. If you're going in with that attitude, you're setting yourself up for a fall." Christianity Online's Singles area is listed as one place lonely hearts have found each other.

Christianity Today gets trendier, but not as hip as those cool Eastern religion magazines

So says the newly launched Contentville, a site selling magazines, magazine articles, books, dissertations, screenplays, speeches, and other "content." It has hired "neoagnostic" behavioral-science reporter ...

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