Christians sue Sandia Labs

Christian employees of Albuquerque's Sandia National Laboratories have filed suit against their employer, saying they are denied the rights and privileges given to homosexual workers. The Christians say that they are being harassed for their religion and "have been subject to name-calling and ridicule," but that the company won't let them form a group similar to "the Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual Networking group," which received official recognition five years ago. According to conservative Web site WorldNetDaily, "Some employees have even been asked to remove photos of their wives and children, because they offend homosexuals, who are not allowed to marry and feel pressure not to publicize their own intimate relationships." The American Family Association is representing the Christian group.

Porn magazine sent out by mistake

Big Brother skateboarding magazine has been in trouble before. Last summer, syndicated radio host Laura Schlessinger went on the warpath against the Larry Flynt-owned magazine—a crusade that sent her to court. No sooner was her lawsuit settled than Flynt's company did something really, really stupid: it sent out copies of Hustler Taboo (tag line: "America's Most Twisted" porn magazine) to an undisclosed number of Big Brother subscribers. Flynt is reportedly "really (expletive) off," but Weblog wouldn't put that anger against the fury of a mother who found Hustler Taboo in the mailbox.

Dionne praises Wheaton's mascot decision

Washington Post columnist E.J. Dionne hailed Wheaton College's decision to retire its Crusader mascot in his Tuesday column. After summarizing Wheaton College President A. Duane Litfin's rationale for the change, Dionne comments, "Prejudices ...

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