British ex-gay ministry gives up, saying conversion therapy efforts don't work
Jeremy Marks, director of the United Kingdom organization Courage, is taking "sabbatical leave" from parent organization Exodus International because Courage founder Jeremy Marks says Exodus's mission to help people out of homosexuality doesn't work. "We are definitely wanting to be separated from the 'ex-gay' label and be more focused on supporting Christians who are gay," Marks told "None of the people we've counseled have converted no matter how much effort and prayer they've put into it. There is much more benefit to the more honest view." Marks has been involved in conversion therapy for more than 14 years—and says it hasn't worked in his own life either. But he's not going to leave his wife of nine years. "This is because I believe in keeping the vows I made before God, and my wife deserves to be loved, not deserted," Marks says. "Having said that, in truth my orientation has not changed."

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