British ex-gay ministry gives up, saying conversion therapy efforts don't work
Jeremy Marks, director of the United Kingdom organization Courage, is taking "sabbatical leave" from parent organization Exodus International because Courage founder Jeremy Marks says Exodus's mission to help people out of homosexuality doesn't work. "We are definitely wanting to be separated from the 'ex-gay' label and be more focused on supporting Christians who are gay," Marks told "None of the people we've counseled have converted no matter how much effort and prayer they've put into it. There is much more benefit to the more honest view." Marks has been involved in conversion therapy for more than 14 years—and says it hasn't worked in his own life either. But he's not going to leave his wife of nine years. "This is because I believe in keeping the vows I made before God, and my wife deserves to be loved, not deserted," Marks says. "Having said that, in truth my orientation has not changed."

National Prayer Breakfast:

Left Behind: The Movie:

  • Entertainment that evangelizes | Churches join to promote big-screen action film (The Washington Post)
  • Christian movie gains a firm toehold on mainstream circuit | That the film is booked in more than 900 theaters testifies to a growing demand for evangelical fare (Los Angeles Times)
  • Winning with LeftBehind | The Left Behind series is, in many ways, nothing more than a gussied-up version of an old, old evangelistic strategy: swinging your arm around your friend's shoulders, looking earnestly into his eyes, and asking, "If you were hit by a bus tomorrow, would you go to heaven?" (Lauren F. Winner, The Hartford Courant)
  • Hark! A Christian thriller about the Last Days that doesn't (totally) suck. That's got to be a sign of the times. (Cody Clark, Mr. Showbiz)
  • Heaven Help Us | Immediate Disclaimer: This is not to denigrate the religious beliefs that inform Left Behind, an adaptation of the best-selling Christian thriller of the same name. This is simply to address the hilariously bad manner in which those beliefs are expressed. (The Washington Post)
  • Christian film hopes to hit No. 1 at box offices (Reuters/CNN)
  • Couple stars in Left Behind film | Kirk Cameron and Chelsea Noble met on the set of "Growing Pains" and have worked together on and off screen ever since (Associated Press)
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British priest forced to leave parish to flee lovesick parishoner:

Gluten-intolerant girl denied special communion wafer:

Archbishop of Canterbury visits Nigeria:

Pastors in protest:

  • Ministers join demonstration | Thirty leading ministers and priests have said they are prepared to be arrested as part of a blockade of a Trident submarine base (The Scotsman)
  • Lutheran leader may join fight over Vieques | George Anderson, presiding bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, plans to lead a delegation to Puerto Rico next month (Chicago Sun-Times)

Religion and politics:


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Pope names more cardinals:

Baroness Caroline Cox under fire for buying and freeing Sudanese slaves:


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Gay unions and rights:

Scouting and homosexuality:

Canada's high court upholds ban on child pornography, with exceptions:

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  • Sharpe ruling | Canadians are entitled to ask why it has taken two years to get to reach this conclusion (Editorial, National Post)
  • Protecting the children | For the most part, the Supreme Court of Canada has acted responsibly and prudently (Editorial, The Ottawa Citizen)
  • Pornography decision a sound compromise | Balancing protection of children against freedom of speech, the Supreme Court allows prosecutions to proceed. (Editorial, The Vancouver Sun)
  • Good sense on child porn | The Canadian public, not to mention law-enforcement authorities, will feel a real sense of relief at yesterday's balanced Supreme Court ruling on child pornography. (Editorial, The Montreal Gazette)
  • Welcome ruling on child pornography (Editorial, The Toronto Star)
  • What, exactly, is child porn? | If a pedophile asks the question 'What is child pornography?' because he wants to possess it, Parliament says here's how you should do it (Edward L. Greenspan, National Post)

U.S. Supreme Court's virtual child porn case:

Missions, ministry, and evangelism:


  • Why Jackson won't quit | What's different now that Jackson has returned so quickly after confessing weakness is his apparent perception that the threats to civil rights are reaching a point of no more politics-as-usual. (David Dante Troutt, Los Angeles Times)
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History and archaeology:

Spiritual discipline:

Church lawsuits:


Huston Smith's Why Religion Matters:

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